Halloween Benefit Bout

This. Is. It.

The Halloween Benefit Bout you’ve been waiting for…

Roll up for a ghoulish end to your weekend on Sunday, 29 October as Western Sydney Rollers (WSR) fright it out in this special charity bout.

Watch the pint-sized but fearsome juniors from 4.30pm. Don’t be fooled by their size – what they like in height, they make up in grit.

From 6pm, the Federales will clash with the Men of Steel in an fierce all Men’s derby game.

At 7.30pm, your favourite WSR women return to the track in a co-ed spectacular. This game will feature modified rules, with all proceeds from this game donated to beyondbluebeyondblue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.

Got a sweet tooth? Indulge in a delicious cupcake or cookie from our bake sale. Time between games? Test your luck in the guessing competition or raffle. There are plenty of great prizes to win!

Door open from 4pm. Children under 12 are FREE.


Bombshells crowned Intra-League champions

Spectators rolled up to Cambridge Park last Saturday for a Derby in Wonderland grand final showdown between the B-52 Bombshells and the Blackheart Brawlers.

First up in the line up, some fierce and feisty under 18’s took to the track for a junior derby mini bout. The audience may have been lulled into thinking that the pint-sized action would be easy going but they were soon proven wrong! The Cheshire Cats took victory from The Mad Hatters, 179 to 69.


The mini bout fun continued with the Riot Squad battling visiting team, The Empire. The intra-league team fought hard but chaos was the order of the night – The Empire claimed the win, 171 to 65.


Then, the highlight of the night when last year’s rival grand final teams faced off again. It was a fast-paced, action filled game but the Bombshells were left grinning like; well, a Chesire cat, when they took out the title, 192 to 78.


Of course, there was plenty of fun in between too with delicious cakes, doughnuts, chocolates and biscuits on offer – as well as amazing raffle prizes and a spot of duck throwing (rubber, no animals were harmed in the making of this derby spectacular!).

Thanks to everyone who came to cheer on their favourite players and teams, and for supporting Western Sydney Rollers. A massive congratulations to our victors and well done to everyone who played, and a warm thanks for our NSOs and refs for their hard work.

Stay tuned for more exciting bout action later in the year!

Psst…Check out more action in the photos on facebook, thanks to B.T. Photography.

Derby in Wonderland: WSR 2017 Grand Final Showdown

Derby in Wonderland

Come one, come all to Western Sydney Rollers GRAND FINAL!

The night promises to be action packed with 2 mini-bouts – our junior derby kicks off this fantastic triple header, followed by WSR’s Riot Squad against S2D2’s The Empire to kick off the night.

Then facing each other once again in the Grand Final is the B52 Bombshells and the Black Heart Brawlers! Two years ago we saw an epic showdown which resulted in the Black Heart Brawlers brawling their way to victory! This time, will we see the Bombshells dominate and leave the Brawlers in the dust? or will the Black Heart Brawlers smash through and winning again? Who will be victorious in this epic showdown and conclude Western Sydney Rollers Grand Final?!

You can show your support for WSR on the day by tasting some of our delicious bake sale offerings or purchasing tickets in our raffle.

Come on down to Penrith Valley Regional Sports Centre on Saturday 15 July from 2:45pm to witness all the derby madness!

Don’t forget to join us at the Colonial Hotel following the event for our after party!

Tickets are $11.50 online, or $15 at the door. Online ticket sales close Friday 14 July at 5pm.

Intraleague Season Round 3 – It’s a thriller

It’s Round 3 time and with the competition heating up, it’s sure to be a thriller! Grab your family and friends and catch all the action on Saturday 3 June.

The sassy B-52 Bombshells will take on a mystery guest team from 5.00pm while the Riot Squad and Blackheart Brawlers will go head-to-head in the main bout from 6.45.

As always, you can satisfy your sweet tooth while taking in the action on the track – derby peeps will showcase their talents off the track with mouthwatering treats on offer at our delicious bake stall. Cupcakes and supporting your favourite league? Win win!

Doors open from 4.00pm and you can join us at the end of the night at The Colonial for a good feed and music.

Grab your season pass. Kids under 12 are FREE. Tickets are $15 at the door.


2017 5×5 Round 3

Round 3 moves to the wild, wild west as your favourite Western Sydney Rollers play host to all the action out of Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium in South Windsor. Games start from 1pm with doors open from 12.30pm.


  • 1pm – Varsity vs Newcastle (A)
    3pm – Maitland vs Inner West (B)
    5pm – Western Sydney vs Central Coast (A)
    7pm – South Side vs Hawkesbury (B)


When: Saturday, May 27 2017, from 12.30pm
Where: Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium, 16 Stewart St, South Windsor, NSW 2756
Cost: Limited tickets available at the door for $15. Kids under 12 are FREE


Round 2 – The derby mania continues

Your favourite Western Sydney Rollers’ players are back for more action on the track! Wear RAINBOW to support diversity and roll on down to watch Round 2 of the intraleague competition on Saturday 6 May, 2017.

The guys and gals in blue and gold won’t disappoint as the Riot Squad goes head-to-head with The Empire from 5pm.

Keep the adrenaline pumping with the main bout clash between the fiery B52 Bombshells and the fearsome Blackheart Brawlers, from 6.45pm.

Don’t forget to bring your spare change for the always delicious bake sale – chocolate cupcakes, need we say more?

The fun doesn’t end when the bouts do – join us at The Colonial for our traditional after party. It’s a great chance to catch up with your favourite derby players over dinner!

Grab a season pass for just $40 and enjoy all the derby goodness for 2017. Children under 12 are FREE!

Intraleague Season Round 1

Holy smokes Batman – WSR is back for 2017!

Watch your favourite girls and guys return to the track for 2017 in the first bout of the intraleague season!WSR Round 1 2017

The BlackHeart Brawlers will take on the visitors, OutCast Derby, from 5pm in the mini bout for some fierce competition.

Then, just when you think the competition can’t get any hotter, from 6.45pm you’ll see the Riot Squad and B52 Bombshells go head-to-head in a fiery main bout clash.

Of course, to keep your energy levels up during the bouts, we’ll have delicous baked goodies on sale – all funds keep our league rolling! We’ll also have fantastic prizes on offer in our raffle.

Online tickets: $11.50
At the door: $15
Kids under 12 are FREE.

Love derby? Grab a season pass now for just $40!

Note – this is a cash only venue.

Pixie’s #wsrmumstrainlikechamps off-season workout

You’ve probably seen the awesome hastags our roller girls and guys have been using lately #wsrtrainlikechamps and #nosuchthingasoffseason but what if you’re a mum wanting to balance off-season training with playtime? That was my conundrum.

I work full-time, add to that roller derby including volunteer time and you get #mumguilt when you miss spending time with your spawn.

As the famous commercial goes, “why not do both”? This has been my #wsrmumstrainlikechamps workout for the last two months or so:

The Swing!

In between pushes on the swing complete the following set three times:

  • 20 × squat holds
  • 20 × right leg lunges
  • 20 × left leg lunges

This should give your offspring a good 5-10 minutes on the swing and you can actually enjoy swing time too, instead of going into zombie mum mode.

The Roundabout/Turntable

Ask your darling kidlet to hold on tight. Grab the rail and Carioca/grapevine around the the roundabout. Start slow and work your way faster. How fast can you go? If you go one direction always do the other. Only go for 30 seconds at a time so you and the offspring don’t get too dizzy and fall (learnt that the hard way…).

Ask kidlet to hold on tight. Sit on the very edge of the roundabout, lean back to about 45° and push with just the balls of your feet and toes. Start slow and go faster and faster. Again only do 30 second reps. Stop and spin in the opposite direction. Try changing it up and just use the heels of your feet instead of the balls of your feet. Too easy? Try not to lean on your arms. Put them in front of you in prayer position.

Rope Climbing Frame

Find a length of rope about belly height and hold on with your hands about shoulder width apart. Move your feet back until you are in a comfortable position to do two sets of press ups of 20 reps each. Too easy? Move your feet back further and move your feet to hip width apart and then shoulder width. Still too easy? Find a length of rope at knee height. Lie on the ground and place your feet or ankles on the rope. Complete your reps as push ups.

The Rope Basket/Net Swing

Jump in the net swing with your lil’ dear facing you in the centre. Place your legs and feet on either side of your kidlet and sit toward the edge facing the direction of swing. Hold on, lean back and push with your legs and feet in the direction of the forward swing and bring it back to a crunch on the back swing. See how much swing you can create without touching the ground/getting a push. Too easy? Try not to hold on or use your arms for swinging, get to a point where you are stable enough to swing while your hands are in front of you in the prayer position.

Monkey Bars or Climbing Frame

Try doing some pull ups. Cross your feet in front of you to avoid pushing off with your feet and just use your arms. Tbh, I’ve got really weak arms…I would just try to do one or two reps before moving on…

Some more tips

  • Take time to warm up whether it is part of walking to the park or a quick game of chasings around the backyard before you start.
  • Protect your back, engage your core with each rep by sucking your bellybutton inwards.
  • Get creative, make playtime about both/all of you enjoying yourselves, if your cheeky monkey wants to play here/there how can you play too and challenge yourself.
  • Don’t over do it if you still need to walk back home from the playground either mum needs lots of breaks or Mr Two needs to be carried home along with his bike and drink (lol).
  • You’re at the park to play and spend time with your precious babies, remember to engage with them, ask for help counting your reps, make funny faces or noises with each rep, or make up some imaginative play together.
  • Be that fun mum that properly “plays” at their playground, it doesn’t all have to be about reps and stretching, running around playing tip or the floor is lava is still a workout, trust me.

In the end, Axel and I did have fun and I feel #derbystrong for our 2017 season.

Go forth and play
❤ Pixiematosis

2016 Grand Final Showdown

The Fright before Christmas   fb_img_1478290132973

♬ Hit and block around the Christmas tree, have a brawly holiday! ♬

Get ready for the best present Western Sydney Rollers can give you, A GRAND FINAL DAY! That’s right! Our season is ending but we will be going out with a bang like a Christmas Bon Bon, minus the bad jokes…maybe…

The night promises to be action packed with junior derby kicking off this fantastic triple header, followed by last year’s Grand Final winners The Blackheart Brawlers bouting against a special guest team in a mini bout to kick off the night.

Watch the B52 Bombshells take on the Riot Squad in the main bout – who will be our Grand Final winner?

Make sure you take the time to sample the delicious bake sale offerings too!

Come on down to Penrith Valley Regional Sports Centre on Saturday 26 November from 3pm to get all the derby goodness that Santa can’t fill.

Don’t forget to join us at the Colonial Hotel following the event for our after party!

Online ticket sales close Friday 25 November at 9pm.


Over $1000 donated to beyondblue in Halloween bouting spooktacular

Friends, family and members of Western Sydney Rollers had a frighteningly good time on Sunday 30 October – enjoying a triple header Halloween bout to raise awareness and donate funds for beyondblue.

The spooktacular event kicked off with the tiny but fearsome juniors – the Tiny Terrors beating the Halloweenies 165 to 110.

A bout with a difference (zombie players aside) followed with a specially modified rules ramping up the excitement for the players and crowd alike. As the carnage on the track unfolded, the crowd got a say in the play.

Gold coin donations could remove favourite players from the penalty bin, players could be sponsored to don fancy dress items over their Halloween garb (ever tried skating in a grass skirt?) and, to really take things up a notch, for $20 you could watch the action in anti-derby direction.

The nail biting bout continued to the final minutes with The Munsters victorious over The Addams Family, 146 to 125.

The final bout saw a return to standard derby rules but threw an extra element in with the WSR boys joining the girls on the track for a co-ed frenzy which saw the Lycans take the final win for the night from the Vampires, 167-56.

Other activities throughout the night included some fierce competition in the fancy dress stakes – including the world’s cutest Pokemon, a raffle and of course, the ever present and delicious bake sale.

A total of $1151 will be donated to beyondblue, an organisation equipping everyone in Australia with the knowledge and skills to protect their own mental health.

3 three million Australians live with depression or anxiety

If you or anyone you know needs support or advice call beyondblue on 1300 224 636 or visit www.beyondblue.org.au

View photos from the junior derby bout, The Addams Family v The Munsters, and the Lycans v Vampires – massive thanks to Bout Time Imagery!