Meet WSR’s Rookie Liaison!

Meanie Queenie is Western Sydney Rollers’ (WSR) Rookie Liaison. Debuting in the league’s new role in 2018, Meanie (aka Charlie), is on hand to help freshies settle into the league.

Don’t let her name intimidate you, Meanie is a big softy at heart and is well-versed in all things roller derby – especially when it comes to WSR!

Having been involved in roller derby for three years, Meanie became involved in the sport as a way of getting fit and escaping a high pressure workplace environment for a few hours each week. Little did she imagine how much of a difference derby would make to her world!

“My favourite thing about derby is the empowerment and change of perspective,” Meanie says. My original focus was to become skinny; now my goal is to be strong and reliable for my team, and I work hard to achieve those goals.”

“The league and wider derby community have been a big part of forming a healthier perspective.”

How Meanie helps out the newest members of WSR!

“I’m here to help! I’m your personal cheer squad, your support and who you can come to for advice if you have any problems or planning goals. Basically, I’m an objective person, separate from the trainers, that the rookies can come to for anything derby-related.”

Meanie’s tips and advice for new skaters

“Everyone has derby idols –I love Biceptual and Sarge together, when they’re on the same team derby magic happens thanks to Biceptual’s offensive moves and Sarge’s amazing jammer skills! They have been in derby for a long time and have the amazing abilities to match!”

“That said, during your Derby journey you should never compare yourself to others. Everybody’s journey is different and has different bumps, and ups and downs.”

“You can only compare yourself to where you were a week before, the progress you make and the goals you achieve.”

One last word

“I’m really excited to have this role. Don’t be afraid to come up and say ‘hi’ or ask me a question!”

Learn more about fresh meet.

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P.S. We don’t have a photo of Meanie (she’s a bit shy) so you’ll just have to meet her in person!

Bombshells crowned Intra-League champions

Spectators rolled up to Cambridge Park last Saturday for a Derby in Wonderland grand final showdown between the B-52 Bombshells and the Blackheart Brawlers.

First up in the line up, some fierce and feisty under 18’s took to the track for a junior derby mini bout. The audience may have been lulled into thinking that the pint-sized action would be easy going but they were soon proven wrong! The Cheshire Cats took victory from The Mad Hatters, 179 to 69.


The mini bout fun continued with the Riot Squad battling visiting team, The Empire. The intra-league team fought hard but chaos was the order of the night – The Empire claimed the win, 171 to 65.


Then, the highlight of the night when last year’s rival grand final teams faced off again. It was a fast-paced, action filled game but the Bombshells were left grinning like; well, a Chesire cat, when they took out the title, 192 to 78.


Of course, there was plenty of fun in between too with delicious cakes, doughnuts, chocolates and biscuits on offer – as well as amazing raffle prizes and a spot of duck throwing (rubber, no animals were harmed in the making of this derby spectacular!).

Thanks to everyone who came to cheer on their favourite players and teams, and for supporting Western Sydney Rollers. A massive congratulations to our victors and well done to everyone who played, and a warm thanks for our NSOs and refs for their hard work.

Stay tuned for more exciting bout action later in the year!

Psst…Check out more action in the photos on facebook, thanks to B.T. Photography.

Riot Squad takes out Round 1 of the intra league bouts

FB_IMG_1462348656549There was a great crowd on hand to witness the first intra league clash on Saturday 21 May, 2016.

Fuelled by cupcakes, rocky road and other delicious baked goods, the crowd roared their approval as the gorgeous B52 Bombshells kicked off the night with a mini bout vs HARD. The B52 Bombshells took out the bout with a final score of 140 to 102.

Several players backed up in a supreme effort as the Riot Squad and Blackheart Brawlers battle it out for glory in the main bout. The teams were evenly matched but the Riot Squad took the lead and refused to give an inch, restoring order with a final score of 187 to 152.

A massive thanks to all of our skaters, guest team HARD, and our NSOs and officials – this wouldn’t happen without you!

Check out the photos (thanks Bout Time Imagery!!).

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Our 2015 Highlights

As 2015 drew to a close, and we welcomed in a New Year, Western Sydney Rollers took a moment to recognise the achievements and commitment of our skaters, refs, volunteers and NSOs, and thank everyone for another wonderful year.

The Boutlaws had a great year, bringing together a new team, which ended the year strongly with their performance at the Eastern Region Roller Derby Championships. The team has worked so hard this year, and have improved as skaters and as a team, doing their coaches and their league proud. We look forward to seeing what they can do in 2016!

Intraleague competition

Our Intraleague competition was once again fierce, with three brand new teams vying for the title. The Riot Squad, The B52 Bombshells, and The Blackheart Brawlers, brought the action all year, enjoying friendly competition and camaraderie until the end. The Blackheart Brawlers took the title at the end of the day, but not without a strong fight from the B52 Bombshells, who were hot on their tails. 2016 will be an intense intraleague season, so we recommend you’re trackside for all the action.

Celebrating in style

To round out the year, and celebrate our achievements in style, the members of Wester Sydney Rollers gathered together in December for the Annual Christmas Party and Awards night. Singing, Dancing, and the selfie competition to end all selfie competitions, made for a wonderful evening, full of laughter and happy faces. Members of the league voted for their moved valued players and volunteers, recognising achievement in a number of areas. We would like to congratulate the following skaters on their achievements in 2015.

Team Awards

Riot Squad

  • Most Improved Player – Adelle “Kill Billy” Perry
  • Team Pivot of the Year – Megan “Pixiematosis” Haberley
  • Team Blocker of the Year – Adelle “Kill Billy” Perry
  • Team Jammer of the Year – Natasha “Crash Test Dolly” Platten
  • Best Attendance Record – Tammy “T-Wrecks” Alford

Blackheart Brawlers

  • Most Improved Player – Ashleigh “Bioshockher” Garner
  • Team Pivot of the Year – Alisa “Angel Slayher” Zounis
  • Team Blocker of the Year – Ashleigh “Bioshockher” Garner
  • Team Jammer of the Year – Penny “Dobie Wan Kenobi” Dobie
  • Best Attendance Record – Trish “Kiss My Hyde” Hyde

B52 Bombshells

  • Most Improved Player – Tiny “Opt-to-Miss-Prime” McClean
  • Team Pivot of the Year – Nadine “NERDS” Young
  • Team Blocker of the Year – Debra “D-star-uction” Ellicot
  • Team Jammer of the Year – Gerianne “Miss Glamour Kill” Gonzalez
  • Best Attendance Record – Lou “Lou Scannon” Gadabout

League Awards

Rookie of the Year (1st Group)

  • Winner – Stephanie “Pow Pow” Powney
  • First Runner Up – Brittney “Matchstick” Kelly
  • Second Runner Up – Sophie “Killa Watt” Watt

Rookie of the Year (2nd Group)

  • Winner –  Kelsey “Batty Bruiser” Healey
  • First Runner Up – Jennifer “Silk Siren” Silk
  • Second Runner Up – Joe “Cinderfella” Dillon

Jammer of the Year

  • Winner – Gerianne “Miss Glamour Kill” Gonzalez
  • First Runner Up – Penny “Dobie Wan Kenobi” Dobie
  • Second Runner Up – Lisa “Leese Lightning” Walker

Triple Threat

  • Winner – Lou “Lou Scannon” Gadabout
  • First Runner Up – Megan “Pixiematosis” Haberley
  • Second Runner Up – Debra “D-star-uction” Ellicot

Most Feared Player

  • Winner – Debra “D-star-uction” Ellicot
  • First Runner Up – Ashleigh “Bioshockher” Garner
  • Second Runner Up – Tiny “Opt-to-Miss-Prime” McClean

Team Spirit Award

  • Winner – Megan “Pixiematosis” Haberley
  • First Runner Up – Tammy “T-Wrecks” Alford
  • Second Runner Up – Alisa “Angel Slayher” Zounis

Referee of the Year

  • Winner – Nelson “Deathly Bellows” Cheung
  • First Runner Up – Emma “Major Dil-emma” Young
  • Second Runner Up – Luke “Dash Ketchum” Hills

Volunteer of the Year

  • Winner – Tracie “BuzzKill” Tait
  • First Runner Up – Chantel “Boxy Cleopatra” Kyling
  • Second Runner Up – Raquel “Tinker-belt-her” Lowe

Smelliest Gear Award

  • Winner – Kyle “Rangatello” Bailey
  • First Runner Up – Jerry “Ikki” Taingahue
  • Second Runner Up – Elise “Newton’s Nightmare” Hardiman

Most Penalties

  • Winner – Debra “D-star-uction” Ellicot
  • First Runner Up – Penny “Dobie Wan Kenobi” Dobie

Congratulations to all our award winners and runner ups. From everyone at WSR, we wish you a Happy New Year and a successful 2016.

The Ten Funnest Things About Derby

This article was first published in Derby Oz magazine. 


Photo by Smasharazzi

The Ten Funnest Things About Derby.

To describe Roller Derby as, “a contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating in the same direction around a track…” et cetera, et cetera, which is what you’ll find on Wikipedia, really doesn’t give an outsider any insight into why Roller Derby is the fastest-growing sport in the world. It’s not just the gameplay that makes it amazing, it’s the “aura of Derbyness” around our great sport that makes it so phenomenal and so unique. This author decided to pinpoint what are, in her humble opinion and in no particular order, the ten funnest things about Roller Derby.

We have cool names. I love words. It’s why I like to write. Words can be clever, insightful, cutting, witty, suggestive, and sometimes all those things at once. So when I found out that the manager of my son’s rugby league team was not always called Mike, but sometimes called Dirty Menace, it was like a compass finding North. With our Derby names, we get to live out a little bit of fantasy that most of us don’t get to embrace in our day-to-day lives. For instance, I get to be a Hogwarts student (a really smart one at that). Derby names can make me nod my head in “hell yeah” admiration at their cleverness, or laugh out loud at their wittiness. Our alter egos are not something that “mainstream” sports embrace, and I realise it’s not something every league, or every skater, agrees with, but I love the fact that we have them. It makes us special, and it shows the world that we’re just a little bit clever really.

We play dress-ups. Let’s face it – Derby outfits are the best sporting attire going. Personally I’m not into tutus, but if that’s your scene, then I say TUTU IT UP WARRIOR PRINCESS! My team’s uniform consists of a sexy skate dress that I would NEVER wear in public otherwise. The rest of what we wear is up to us. Yes, some of us love fishnets, some of us don’t. Some of us have stage makeup, and some of us prefer to go mainstream – like our unique names, it’s not everyone’s scene. If you want to wear compression tights, like a hard-core elite athlete, do it. But some Derby girls want to have a bit of fun with what they wear on the track, and if they’re willing to risk a little fishnet burn, then good for them. And, by the way, you ALL look hot, no matter what you’ve got on your bod.

We are for everyone. I’m pretty sure my league is not unique in the fact that we accept, and embrace, people from all walks of life. Derby does not care what colour your skin is, what your background is, or your sexual orientation. We do not care if you are tattooed or a clean-skin, a bogan or a socialite. If you want Derby to be for you, it’s for you, and in this era when demographers try to pigeonhole us as much as they possibly can, I for one find Derby’s inclusiveness like a breath of fresh air.

We respect differences. I’ve seen fresh meat who seem to take to Derby like a duck to water. I struggled for almost a year before I mastered a Tomahawk stop, and seeing fresh meat who master it in a few weeks makes me just a teeny bit green with envy. But the fact is, Derby doesn’t care. Derby will embrace the girls who get it right the first time, and it will also be patient with the ones who take a little longer. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to pass your basic skills test. If you want to be here, we want you, and we respect you all the more for never giving up.

We are free-thinkers. Now, this is not based on any scientific evidence, but it seems to me, from my short time in the Derby world, that our little community is a teensy bit more intellectual, more inclusive, and more progressive than the rest of the community at large. I know that I can express an opinion, related to Derby, politics, or life, and even if it’s not agreed with, my opinion is respected, and an intelligent discussion can ensue. Maybe I’ve seen too many trolls on the Interwebs, but yeah, it seems to me that Derby peeps are pretty cool that way, and are way smarter than the average bear.

We knock the snot out of each other, and are best friends afterwards. We take our sport seriously. I laugh at the nay-sayers (most of whom have never seen a derby bout) who think that Derby is not a “real” sport, that our sport is akin to entertainment wrestling. I challenge anyone to tell a Derby girl to deliberately lose a bout. I promise you, it’ll be the last thing you say before your jaw is wired shut from the high block you’ll receive. We can have immense love, respect and friendship for one another off the track – even as we’re waiting for that whistle at the jammer line – but you better believe it girlfriend, on the track I’m putting my body on the line to make sure I beat you. And afterwards? Afterwards, it’s back to free-flowing, unadulterated, pure-as-the-driven-snow Derby Love.

We have amazeballs fans, volunteers, refs and NSOs. I love our support crew. After every scrimmage, and every bout, I try to thank every volunteer and ref I see. Because they’re not doing it for the fame, the glory or the money. They’re doing it because they love Derby, and because they want to give their time so we can skate. How awesome is that? And, in return, if we can give them the most amazing spectator sport ever conceived, well I for one think that is a fantastic trade.

We have the ultimate stress relief. I never would have said this before I started Derby, but I love getting hit. The idea of actual fisticuffs scares me to tears (as opposed to Feisty Cuffs, who’s an awesome ambassador for our sport), but on the track? BRING IT. When one of our league’s big hitters slams into me, and I maintain my balance, seriously, YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY. I love that feeling of power being expelled against me, almost as much as I love the feeling of expelling all my power against my opposition. And if I can help our team score a point or two in the process, then even better. Even when I don’t feel like going to training, I make sure I go, because whatever monkey has stolen my mojo, I can be sure that a few big hits given and received will send that primate back to the jungle where it belongs.

We get to look cool, even if, secretly, we know we’re not. OK, here’s a confession. I’ve never been a cool kid. I’m a bit like my namesake, Hermione, who only became cool because she got accepted into Hogwarts, and even then was outstandingly dorky to her fellow wizards. I only became cool when I got accepted into Derby. And I’m sure some of the chicks in my league are going, “WTF, she’s so not cool.” Yeah, I know I’m not. But everyone outside of Derby thinks I’m cool just because I play it. And, to me, that’s pretty bloody funny, because I’ve never been allowed to hang out with the cool kids, until now.

We get to wear wheels on our feet.  This one speaks for itself really! We get to go really really fast! It’s like a roller-coaster, only people are hitting you. Hell yeah! The first time I managed to skate without falling, I felt like I was flying, and it was awesome! And you know what? When I get a bit of speed up, I STILL feel like I’m flying! Why would anyone do a sport in sneakers? It really baffles me.

We have after-parties. Yes, I know this is the eleventh item in my list of top ten funnest things about Derby. But really, even if you can’t forgive my appalling disregard for numbers, who doesn’t love an after-party? My league gets to patronise our amazing sponsor, the Colonial Hotel at Werrington, (yes, this is a blatant plug for the best pub in Western Sydney), the Colonial staff get to wear league t-shirts, and we all enjoy a great meal, have a few drinks, reminisce about some great bouts, and strengthen those bonds of Derby love. Any sport with an after-party as part of the official program has got to be a fantastic way to spend a Saturday night.

Round 2 Preview – Saturday 27th September 2014

Roller Derby Round 2:

Hellfire Honeys vs Circuit Break-Hers
Penrith Valley Regional Sports Stadium
Herbert St, Cambridge Park

4:30 p.m. Saturday 27th September 2014

Round 2 of the Western Sydney Rollers’ home season gets underway this Saturday night at Penrith Valley Regional Sports Centre, Cambridge Park.

The first bout of the evening sees 2012’s champions, the Zombees, take on guest team from Inner West Roller Derby League. After a resounding defeat to the Circuit Break-Hers in Round 1, the Zombees will be looking to redeem themselves against their guests who are fresh from a fourth placing in the Sydney-wide 5×5 Championships.

In the evening’s main bout, current title holders, the Hellfire Honeys, will have their first test of the season when they come up against competition favourites, the Circuit Break-Hers in Round 2 of WSR’s 2014 home season.

The Hellfire Honeys, despite being 2013 champions, will have their work cut out for them on the track against the strength and experience of the Circuit Break-Hers side. Honeys’ veterans D-StarUction and Leese Lightning will provide the voice of experience in a side with 7 rookie skaters wearing the Hellfire Red in their first season. With the Honeys’ rainmaker, Sneaky Stackhouse, off the roster for this round, the Honeys will have to work hard to match the experience and skill of a strong Break-Hers side.

Despite missing the talents of jammer Howlin’ Knight, the Break-Hers still boast a strong squad, with skillful performances expected from Power Pout, Nerds and Dobie Wan-Kenobi.  Strong defence is also expected from the Break-Hers, with a depth of experience in their blocking lineup.

Should the Circuit Break-Hers win this bout, they are guaranteed a place in the Grand Final on 29th November.

The next WSR bout will be long-time rivals the Hellfire Honeys vs the Zombees on Saturday 18th October.