Learn to skate & play derby

Calling all skaters, non-skating officials, referees and volunteers! No experience is necessary and all genders are welcome.

By popular demand we will be holding a second intake of our Learn to Skate and Play Roller Derby Program. This is your last chance for 2018.

Wanna find out more? Join us at on Friday, 20 July 6:30 – 8:30pm, at the Colonial Hotel.

Meet WSR’s Rookie Liaison!

Meanie Queenie is Western Sydney Rollers’ (WSR) Rookie Liaison. Debuting in the league’s new role in 2018, Meanie (aka Charlie), is on hand to help freshies settle into the league.

Don’t let her name intimidate you, Meanie is a big softy at heart and is well-versed in all things roller derby – especially when it comes to WSR!

Having been involved in roller derby for three years, Meanie became involved in the sport as a way of getting fit and escaping a high pressure workplace environment for a few hours each week. Little did she imagine how much of a difference derby would make to her world!

“My favourite thing about derby is the empowerment and change of perspective,” Meanie says. My original focus was to become skinny; now my goal is to be strong and reliable for my team, and I work hard to achieve those goals.”

“The league and wider derby community have been a big part of forming a healthier perspective.”

How Meanie helps out the newest members of WSR!

“I’m here to help! I’m your personal cheer squad, your support and who you can come to for advice if you have any problems or planning goals. Basically, I’m an objective person, separate from the trainers, that the rookies can come to for anything derby-related.”

Meanie’s tips and advice for new skaters

“Everyone has derby idols –I love Biceptual and Sarge together, when they’re on the same team derby magic happens thanks to Biceptual’s offensive moves and Sarge’s amazing jammer skills! They have been in derby for a long time and have the amazing abilities to match!”

“That said, during your Derby journey you should never compare yourself to others. Everybody’s journey is different and has different bumps, and ups and downs.”

“You can only compare yourself to where you were a week before, the progress you make and the goals you achieve.”

One last word

“I’m really excited to have this role. Don’t be afraid to come up and say ‘hi’ or ask me a question!”

Learn more about fresh meet.

Join WSR!

P.S. We don’t have a photo of Meanie (she’s a bit shy) so you’ll just have to meet her in person!


Rollers ready to rumble!

Some of our fabulous league members recently starred in the Penrith Press, showcasing the league and its 10 year anniversary.

Looking fierce on the front page (!!) is one of the league’s founding members, Major Dil-Emma. Major Dil-Emma has been a source of inspiration throughout her time with WSR, tackling everything from training and bouting through to reffing and assisting on committees. Don’t be fooled by her war paint, Major Dil-Emma is super loyal when it comes to her team and her league.

Cut to the back page and you can meet more of our enthusiastic members and see why the sport of roller derby is so popular. With options for women, men, youngsters, skaters and officials; there is something for everyone in the sport of roller derby.

“It was always an inclusive sport for women; now it’s an inclusive sport for everyone,” – Major Dil-Emma

WSR is now recruiting… Take a chance, be fierce and join the family!

Special thanks to the Penrith Press for a rolling good article on WSR!



The Freshie Files

By Betty Machete

As I sit here half way through my second week of fresh meat training covered in bruises (honestly, who knew you could bruise the palm of your hand), I am just starting to understand the amount of work I have in front of me and surprisingly how keen and excited I am to take it on.

I was never an athletic kid, I preferred to read over run and if someone would ask me to play outside my response would always be “why?”. This didn’t really change in my teenage years. Compulsory sport at school – netball was my reluctantly chosen pursuit – was always more of a social event for me. I was put into the C grade teams, not much was ever expected so not much was ever attempted.

By the time I hit 20 I figured I would never be athletic nor did I want to be. I believed a chubby kid (or adult) had no place on the sporting field and I was fine with that, they didn’t want me and I didn’t want them. I headed to uni, studied and thought that beside the odd fitness kick or diet, sports and I were done. Until one afternoon when my husband bounded in and waved tickets to Roller Derby in front of my face. “Sure why the hell not, I’ve seen Whip It” I replied and we went off to see our first bout.

There was something missing for me at that time, I was facing graduation with a BA major in Theater and Film (i.e. no real job prospects) and life was getting very real, and very heavy. That night was the first time I noticed I was missing something, a challenge, a release or maybe just some fun. But as I sat at Sydney Boys High and watched a Sydney Roller Derby League bout (I think it was against Geelong) I knew one thing… I had to do that.

The next weekend my husband and I were wobbling our selves around the Penrith Skatel looking equal parts terrified and uncoordinated but we stuck with it. The next weekend we were back and a little more steady. I brought my own skates and every Friday night we were down at the rink skating. Every time there was a bout we were there. I read books and watched bouts on YouTube, followed the pages on Facebook and little by little I began to understand this game.

When I started this I was scared, scared of what will happen after uni, scared for my health and scared for my sanity if everything didn’t work out. But even after only a few months of teaching myself to skate, learning about Derby, going to bouts and finally signing up to a league something has changed. I feel stronger and that is not something I want to let go.

Until Next time,

Betty Machete.

Taking the First Step

Taking the First Step

by Hermione Danger


I would have said yes to anything in 2012. Macrame. Rock climbing. Space exploration. After devoting myself to a marriage of 17 years that was now at an end, my attitude was, “Stuff it. I’ll do something for myself for a change.” It was just luck that the opportunity presented to me was roller derby. I had an acquaintance who was a derby girl, and now Mike, the manager of my son’s footy team was telling me I should give it a go. I thought the idea was slightly crazy. I’d never even watched a game. And 39-year-old mothers-of-three don’t take up full-contact sports on skates. But within a fortnight, I’d purchased my freshies pack, laced on skates for the first time in 29 years, and well and truly found out what it feels like to fall on your ass.

strap on skates

My first skates


I’ve since discovered that the decision to take up this amazing sport is not as cut and dried for many people. You may have come to many bouts or none. You may be 18 or 50 or anywhere in between (one of my favourite competitive skaters is 51 and shows no signs of retiring yet). You may have dreamed about playing roller derby but let inconvenient facts (like “I can’t skate”) stop you from taking the first step. You may have had to put your derby dreams on hold for other major life events – babies, PhDs, travel. You may have listened to people who don’t fully understand the sport (“But it’s so dangerous!” (it’s not), “They’re really violent!” (we’re not!)).

The fact is, the derby community – both inside WSR and beyond – is an amazing group of people. Encouraging, uplifting, helpful – everything you want in a second family. Most retailers will give you a discount on your starter kit – skates, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmet and mouth guard (get some toe protectors for your skates and a tailbone protector while you’re at it). The reason is, derby retailers know how great the sport is, and they want to help you on your way to finding your inner derby player.

freshies pack

Sample Freshies pack from www.rollerderbyheaven.com.au


What most people don’t know about roller derby training programs, is that there’s no contact until we’re sure you’re safe on skates and can handle it. We have various assessments you undertake during your derby journey to ensure you’re ready for the next level. The first step is teaching you stability, balance and basic skating techniques. We take you through different ways to stop, maneuver, skate fast, skate slow, and stay stable. Once you’ve mastered the basic skating criteria, we introduce you to tiny baby hits. They’re more like nudges actually. But, with the basic training you’ve already received, you’ve got all the skills you need to remain stable while people are trying to move you out of the way (and vice versa). This is the point where we teach you hip checks, shoulder checks, juking and walls – the derby basics. And from there, it’s just a matter of time and practice until you become an All-Star.

There are no guarantees in roller derby – but then there are no guarantees in life. But with WSR’s newest Wheels In Training program just starting, we still have a few spots for new skaters and we’d love to help you unleash your inner derby player. If it’s something you’ve always been curious about, why not drop us a line via our contact page? We’d love to hear from you and, if it’s right for you, open the doors to this amazing sport for you.