Potluck derby

Western Sydney Rollers (WSR) has an exciting year of roller derby ahead with potluck teams for 2019. The mixed teams for each game will be sure to keep skaters and the audience alike on their toes as skills and experience are put to the test on the track.

Representative teams

The Boutlaws

Let me tell y’all a tale about the wild, wild west. Back in ’08, 15 young cowgirls came together to bring this here sport of roller derby out west. Soon enough, a posse of fast, straight-shooters was formed, and the Boutlaws was born. This posse of women is the toughest bunch of gals out west, and they’re aimin’ for some straight shooting and hard jamming as they take on the some of the sharpest posses of skater girls around.


The Federales 

The Federales is WSR’s all mens’ representative roller derby team. They’re quick, they’re nimble and they’re sure to entertain!


The ArkHIM SlamHERS 

Witness the fun of co-ed roller derby as women and men take to the track with The ArkHIM SlamHERS. This representative team showcases the best of WSR’s female and male players.

Western Sydney Junior Roller Derby League

These players may be pint-sized but don’t be fooled – they’re mighty fierce on the track. WSJRDL provides a fun and supportive environment for 10-17 year olds to learn how to skate and play roller derby.