Our 2015 Highlights

As 2015 drew to a close, and we welcomed in a New Year, Western Sydney Rollers took a moment to recognise the achievements and commitment of our skaters, refs, volunteers and NSOs, and thank everyone for another wonderful year.

The Boutlaws had a great year, bringing together a new team, which ended the year strongly with their performance at the Eastern Region Roller Derby Championships. The team has worked so hard this year, and have improved as skaters and as a team, doing their coaches and their league proud. We look forward to seeing what they can do in 2016!

Intraleague competition

Our Intraleague competition was once again fierce, with three brand new teams vying for the title. The Riot Squad, The B52 Bombshells, and The Blackheart Brawlers, brought the action all year, enjoying friendly competition and camaraderie until the end. The Blackheart Brawlers took the title at the end of the day, but not without a strong fight from the B52 Bombshells, who were hot on their tails. 2016 will be an intense intraleague season, so we recommend you’re trackside for all the action.

Celebrating in style

To round out the year, and celebrate our achievements in style, the members of Wester Sydney Rollers gathered together in December for the Annual Christmas Party and Awards night. Singing, Dancing, and the selfie competition to end all selfie competitions, made for a wonderful evening, full of laughter and happy faces. Members of the league voted for their moved valued players and volunteers, recognising achievement in a number of areas. We would like to congratulate the following skaters on their achievements in 2015.

Team Awards

Riot Squad

  • Most Improved Player – Adelle “Kill Billy” Perry
  • Team Pivot of the Year – Megan “Pixiematosis” Haberley
  • Team Blocker of the Year – Adelle “Kill Billy” Perry
  • Team Jammer of the Year – Natasha “Crash Test Dolly” Platten
  • Best Attendance Record – Tammy “T-Wrecks” Alford

Blackheart Brawlers

  • Most Improved Player – Ashleigh “Bioshockher” Garner
  • Team Pivot of the Year – Alisa “Angel Slayher” Zounis
  • Team Blocker of the Year – Ashleigh “Bioshockher” Garner
  • Team Jammer of the Year – Penny “Dobie Wan Kenobi” Dobie
  • Best Attendance Record – Trish “Kiss My Hyde” Hyde

B52 Bombshells

  • Most Improved Player – Tiny “Opt-to-Miss-Prime” McClean
  • Team Pivot of the Year – Nadine “NERDS” Young
  • Team Blocker of the Year – Debra “D-star-uction” Ellicot
  • Team Jammer of the Year – Gerianne “Miss Glamour Kill” Gonzalez
  • Best Attendance Record – Lou “Lou Scannon” Gadabout

League Awards

Rookie of the Year (1st Group)

  • Winner – Stephanie “Pow Pow” Powney
  • First Runner Up – Brittney “Matchstick” Kelly
  • Second Runner Up – Sophie “Killa Watt” Watt

Rookie of the Year (2nd Group)

  • Winner –  Kelsey “Batty Bruiser” Healey
  • First Runner Up – Jennifer “Silk Siren” Silk
  • Second Runner Up – Joe “Cinderfella” Dillon

Jammer of the Year

  • Winner – Gerianne “Miss Glamour Kill” Gonzalez
  • First Runner Up – Penny “Dobie Wan Kenobi” Dobie
  • Second Runner Up – Lisa “Leese Lightning” Walker

Triple Threat

  • Winner – Lou “Lou Scannon” Gadabout
  • First Runner Up – Megan “Pixiematosis” Haberley
  • Second Runner Up – Debra “D-star-uction” Ellicot

Most Feared Player

  • Winner – Debra “D-star-uction” Ellicot
  • First Runner Up – Ashleigh “Bioshockher” Garner
  • Second Runner Up – Tiny “Opt-to-Miss-Prime” McClean

Team Spirit Award

  • Winner – Megan “Pixiematosis” Haberley
  • First Runner Up – Tammy “T-Wrecks” Alford
  • Second Runner Up – Alisa “Angel Slayher” Zounis

Referee of the Year

  • Winner – Nelson “Deathly Bellows” Cheung
  • First Runner Up – Emma “Major Dil-emma” Young
  • Second Runner Up – Luke “Dash Ketchum” Hills

Volunteer of the Year

  • Winner – Tracie “BuzzKill” Tait
  • First Runner Up – Chantel “Boxy Cleopatra” Kyling
  • Second Runner Up – Raquel “Tinker-belt-her” Lowe

Smelliest Gear Award

  • Winner – Kyle “Rangatello” Bailey
  • First Runner Up – Jerry “Ikki” Taingahue
  • Second Runner Up – Elise “Newton’s Nightmare” Hardiman

Most Penalties

  • Winner – Debra “D-star-uction” Ellicot
  • First Runner Up – Penny “Dobie Wan Kenobi” Dobie

Congratulations to all our award winners and runner ups. From everyone at WSR, we wish you a Happy New Year and a successful 2016.

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